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Planning Policy

Consultation on Review of Conservation Areas




Planning and Regeneration Services have been reviewing the Conservation Areas at Ashington, Brunstead Road, Canford Cliffs and Penn Hill and are consulting with the owners/occupiers of properties within these Conservation Areas seeking their views on the recommendations.

The consultation is taking place over a ten week period beginning on Wednesday 25th June and closing on Wednesday 3rd September 2014.

Full details of the consultation can be found here.


Minerals and Waste Plans Consultations

A New Waste Plan is being prepared to provide for Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole’s waste management needs. The Plan will aim to support recycling and the conversion of waste into valuable resources wherever possible. It will also determine where new facilities are needed and, once adopted, will provide the policy framework for determining planning applications for waste management facilities. 

The Minerals Sites Plan will identify suitable sites for quarrying of sand, gravel, building stone and ball clay to meet national, regional and local requirements.

These consultations have now closed.


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Sustaining Poole's Seafront

The Borough of Poole has prepared a Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) titled Sustaining Poole’s Seafront which highlights how the Council plans to conserve, improve & invest in Poole’s Seafront.

The 12 week public consultation period on this document has now expired.

Responses are now being catalogued and summarised and will be avaiable as soon as possible.

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High Street Local Development Order Adopted

The High Street Local Development Order (LDO) for Poole Town Centre went through a consultation process in Spring 2013 and was adopted by Council on 15th May 2013. The adopted LDO will allow additional permitted development rights to be granted to specific types of development within a specific area removing the need to make a planning application. The LDO shall take effect for a period of 3 years as of the date of adoption after which it can be renewed, amended, or discarded.

The LDO and accompanying Statement of Reasons can be viewed here.

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Poole Core Strategy Review Consultation

This consultation has now closed for representations.

Poole has begun the process of reviewing its adopted Core Strategy.

As a starting point, we would like to know what you think are the key issues surrounding the sustainable development of Poole.

Full details of the consultation can be found here.

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The Dorset Heathlands Development Plan Document – Preferred Options Consultation

The consultation has now closed for representations

A formal period of public consultation was held over an 8 week period between the 1st February and the 28th March 2013, in relation to The Dorset Heathlands Development Plan Document (DPD) – Preferred Options stage. The Plan, being jointly prepared by Bournemouth, Christchurch, East Dorset, Poole and Purbeck Councils, also  incorporates a Sustainability Appraisal which provides an assessment of the social, environmental and economic implications of the Plan. Work on the Plan is being co-ordinated by the Borough of Poole.

The Preferred Options consultation document represents the current stage in the development of a long term strategy for the mitigation of the adverse impacts of future housing development on European designated heathland habitats across South East Dorset, over the period to 2026. 

The document can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Poole Community Infrastructure Levy Update

Charging Schedule Effective from 2nd January 2013

The Adopted Borough of Poole Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule came into effect on 2nd January 2013. This means that any planning applications that involve the creation of new residential units granted planning permission from 2nd January 2013 will now be liable to pay CIL upon commencement of development.

Please note that there is a specific process for the administration and collection of CIL that includes the submission of a number of new forms at varioous stages of the planning and development process.

The CIL forms as well as further details on how CIL will be adminstered and collected by Borough of Poole can be found here.

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Central Area Planning and Urban Design
Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The review of the SPG, involving wide public engagement, will enable the Council to address emerging localism issues and bring together the many different representatives with an interest in the town.

Full details of the SPG review process and the ways in which you can make your views known are available here.

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Core Strategy

The Core Strategy (adopted February 2009) sets out the framework for development in Poole. The Core Strategy, together with the Poole Site Specific Allocations & Development Management Policies and Delivering Poole’s Infrastructure Development Plan Documents (DPDs), replace the majority of policies contained in the Poole Local Plan First Alteration.

The programme for the production of planning policy documents is set out in the Poole Local Development Scheme (LDS). The latest version of the LDS was approved by the council on 1st November 2011, and came into effect on 29th November 2011. This document sets out the 3 year rolling programme for the preparation of the Local Framework.  

Poole's 'Statement of Community Involvement' (SCI), sets out how and when organisations and the public can get involved in the preparation of planning documents. 

Links to other key areas of work and documents can be accessed below.

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